The physical body in the course of its existence is very conditioned by effort, by defenses and in the long run becomes a knot of tensions and contractions that limit the expression of the subtle body; it no longer radiates and the physical body is perceived as isolated from the world. When this vital force is blocked, there is also an early aging of the body that will manifest itself primarily with a decrease in sensitivity and energy.’

Biodynamics is a very delicate and absolutely versatile treatment, which has as its basis the finding of the balance already inherent in each of us, and forgotten due, or sometimes upstream, of any condition that can be defined as ‘disease’ of the physical body, of the mental body or psychic body.
During the treatment the receiver lies down on a bed, and the operator gently lays his hands on the different parts of the body and tunes in with the person listening to it through the contact.
In a session the body gradually relaxes, leading to a balance of the autonomic nervous system, a decrease in the sense of alertness and the relaxation of the fight or flight reflexes. ¬†Over time the receiver’s neutral becomes more and more profound, the stillness spreads in the whole body, and the feeling of separation that constantly accompanies us disappears, and this sense of self learns to become more stable, and more and more often it peeps even in the real life, like an alarm clock that sounds and reminds us of us.
Almost as an unrecognized effect, there is an improvement in general health and often in the resolution of disorders of various kinds. We turn to biodynamics for physical problems due to trauma or diseases, as well as for difficulties related to the psychic sphere. Through a more direct and exclusive contact with the health already inherent in the human system, we assist the self-healing of our system.

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