DETOX CLASS ” clear skin clear mind ” Saturday 11,00 to 12,30 a.m.

You  might  not  know that we  eliminate  80% of  our toxins  through  breathing,    quite impressive  isn  it?   In  this  new   class  we  will  experience  different   pranayama  techniques  in particular   Nadi  Shodhana,  the  alternative  nostril  breathing ,the  queen of  pranayama.  This   technique  besides   centering us    also gives  us  the  opportunity  to eliminate    toxins and  sick  cells that    we constantly  accumulate .

At the  end  of  the class    you  will  enjoy  a  cold  pressed  green  leaf juice.

To maximise  the  benefits of  this  practice  we  suggest  you  to  drink  a  cup of  hot  water   when  you  wake  up and   skip breakfast.

This   practice  if done  at  least  once   a  week  will   help    to  reset   your body   and   your   digestive system,    will  gives   you  clear  skin  ,  eyes  and    what is  more important  a  clear  mind!

Please  register  for  this  class  at  least  one   day   before  .

Cost. 20  euro.

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