Coming from central Asia, and called “fire therapy” in Tibetan, Hormé is a treatment still unknown in the West. Its peculiarity is the use of little compresses containing herbs and spices, which are prepared according ancient Tibetan medicine treatises. Soaked in hot oil, the compresses are applied with circular pressure, in different points of the body and the skull.

Thanks to the warmth of the oil and the therapeutic virtues of aromatic plants, Hor-me is both relaxing and stimulating.

It is particularly suitable for soothing mood and sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, mental confusion, hyperactivity, asthma, abdominal swelling and digestive disorders from nervous origin, and emotional trauma (grief, separation, high situations) conflict).

The Tibetan tradition has a wide range of treatments, among the most well-known together with the Hor-mé are the Yu Cho (stick therapy), the Ku Nye (deep massage with hot oils), the Ne Jang (self-massages). Such treatments, given their specific nature, are offered only on the basis of an evaluation with the therapist.

.Individual session  of  50  min.

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