YOGA according the tradition of Vanda Scaravelli

Is an age-old Indian discipline, whose vitality is that of reviving the inner contact with oneself and with others on various physical, mental and sentimental levels.

Listening to one?s breathing is what enables the bonding between body and mind.

If this breathing feels “listened to”, then perhaps it will seek to expand and grow, creating new space on both a physical and mental level.

This practice yearns to eliminate the “doing” so that the “undoing” or “not doing” allows the body and mind to journey to a space in which both feel comfortable and at ease, without further need to venture elsewhere in order to obtain some goal.

Gravitation is a vital ally for this task.

Learning to gravitate means both surrendering oneself to Mother Earth and receiving from her in the most simple and spontaneous way.

All the rest will come to pass by itself with patience and time.

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